Romay Inserts & Coatings

Romay Corporation has been in the cutting tool business since 1977. It was started by Robert Maynard when he retired after 36 years with Ford Motor Company. He was part of Ford’s Central Staff, the Manufacturing and Development Division, in the Research Department. His specialty was cutting tool inserts, specifically Ceramics.

Robert Maynard’s son, David, started with Romay in January of 1981, taking over the day-to-day operations in August of 1996. Over the years, we have developed a full line of Ceramic, Carbide, Silicon Nitride and Whiskered cutting tool inserts. While we have not done any advertising, except word-of-mouth, our competition knows us quite well. Our quality is second-to-none, and our PRICES are EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE. We are available for technical phone support 9 to 5pm – Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

Historically, our strength has been in the black and white Ceramics. Currently, we are actively increasing our supply of Carbide and especially our Silicon Nitride. At present we have over 150,000 inserts in stock. For very large-volume orders, special consideration will be taken.

Romay is committed to providing top-quality inserts, knowledgeable tech support, and competitive pricing. If we can be of further help, kindly advise us.

Some important information:
Payment Terms are Net 30 Days
Blanket Order Policy – Blanket orders are accepted for up to one year. The price is determined by the blanket order quantity. Releases can be scheduled on a regular basis, or as needed. Special inserts are not subject to cancellation or change in specifications.

David S. Maynard
Romay Corporation