Carbide Comparison Chart

ISO Romay Mitsubishi Sandvik Seco Sumitomo Toshiba Kennametal Iscar Valenite Walter
P01 R-100 R-200 UE6005 F7010 GC4015 GC4215 TX110 AC1000 T7005 TD905 T715X KC9010 KC910   SV515 SV305 WQM15 WTA21
P10 R-100 R-200 UE6010 UC6010 UE6020 GC4015 GC1025 GC1020 TP15 TP100 AC1000 AC2000 TD905 T715X TD915 KC9110 KC935 KC730 KC635M KC610M IC520M IC8048 SV310 WTL41 WTA33 WAP10 WXK10 WXH15 WTN33
P20 R-200 R-300 UC6010 UE6020 UC6025 F620 F7030UP20M AP20M GC4020 GC4025 GC4225 GC4030 GC3040 TP200 T250M T25MCP20 F25M AC230 AC2000 AC3000 TD915 T7020 KC725M KC9125 KC9040 KC625M KC850 CM4 KC9025 KC631M IC9015 IC635 SV410 SV325 WTA31 WXH15 WQM25 WTL82 WAP20 WTN43 WAP25 WTA43 WXM15 WTA41 WXP20 WTP20
P30 R-200 UC6025 UE6035 F7030 AP20M AP15TF GC4025 GC4125 GC4035 GC4030 GC4040 T250M T25M CP30 TP200 F30M AC3000 AC304 AC230 AC325 ACZ330 ACZ350 T725 TD930 T325 GH330 AH330AH120 KC792M KC9045 CD4 KC7020 KC7025 KC7215 KC7225 KC7935 KC633M KC8050 IC9025 IC950 SV230 SV330 SV935 WXM25 WTP25 WXP25 WTA61 WTL71 WTL14 WAP30 WTL41 WAP35 WTL74 WTP35 WTA51
M10 R-300 F7010 US7020 GC1005 GC2015 GC1025 TP100 AC1000 AC2000 TD915 T715X KC7310(KC5010) KC9215 KC9010 KC510M KC635M   VC929 WXN10 WXK10 WAM10 WAP10 WTA31 WTA33
M20 R-300 US7020 F620 F7030 AP20M UP20M GC1020 GC2025 GC2030 GC4125 GC3040 TP200 CP50 T250M T25MF25M AC2000 AC3000 AC325 ACZ330 AC304 T6020 T725X GH330 AH330 KC5025 KC792M KC9225 KC7020 KC9025 KC730 KC9225 KC625M KC705M KC7215 IC9025 IC950 VC901 SV415 SV235 WXM15 WTP25 WAM20 WTA43 WQM25 WTA41 WAP20 WXM20 WQM35 WTA61
M30 R-300 US735 F620 F730 AP15TF GC1020 GC1120 GC2035 GC2135 GC2040 T25M TP300 CP50 F30M AC3000 AC325 ACZ330 T6030 T335S T325 AH740 AH120 CS5(KC7015) KC9240 KC7025 KC9040 KC720 KC8050 CD4 KC7935 IC328 IC3028   WAP25 WXM25 WAM30 WTP35 WTA51 WXM35 WXK35 WXP40
K01 R-400 GP10H UC5005 UE6005 UC5015 GC3005 GC3205 GC3015 TP05 T10M AC300G T5010 AH110 KC9315 KC9010 KC5410   V01 SV405 WXN10
K10 R-400 UC5015 UC6010 F5010 AP10H GC3005 GC3015 GC3115 GC3210 TX150 T10MT15M TP100 AC300G AC500G AC700G AC211EH10Z EH510Z T5020 T1020 GH110 KC510M(KC705M) KC730 KC7210 KC7310(KC5010) KC625M KC631M KC635M KC620M KC9120 KC915M IC9015 IC4050 VN8 SV510 SV305 WTA13 WTA33 WTA11 WAK10 WAK15 WXN15 WXK15 WTA31 WTP20
K20 R-300 R-400 UP10H UC6010 AP15TF GC1020 GC1120 GC3025 GC3020 GC4025 TX150 T15M T25M T250M TP200 AC500G EH20Z T1015 T5020 AH120 J740 KC992M KC7215 KC9315 KC7225 KC9025 CM4 KC520M KC525M KC920M KC925MKC709M KC7020 IC910 SV415 SV525 WAK20 WTA43 WTA33 WTA41 WTA21 WTL82WXK15 WXH15 WQK25 WXM15
    Grade name which is in bold-face means PVD-Coated grade.      
    Grade name with underline means this grade is for milling or could be used in milling.