Insert Grades

Because of our superior quality, we have stood the test of time for more than 30 years.

Our new silicon nitride, the CC-514, has outdone competitive grades significantly. Because of our competitive pricing and an inventory of over 200,000 inserts in stock, we can meet your needs with immediate delivery.

Why choose Romay? The most obvious reason is our superior quality. Romay has stood the test of time for more than 30 years, and we continue to look to the future. Our newest Silicon Nitride grade, the CC-516, is harder and tougher than previous grades. We can meet your needs with immediate delivery from our stock of over 200,000 inserts, priced well below the competition.

Romay products save your customer money while increasing their overall efficiency. We accept blanket orders for up to one year in length. Our minimum order is very low, starting at 10pcs.

Ceramic Grades

CC-10 Our white alumina ceramic grade mainly applicable for roughing and finishing cast iron and steel in higher surface speed operations. Available with hole for pinlock.
CC-20 Our standard black ceramic grade is a composite with Alumina Matrix containing Titanium Carbide with excellent wear, crater and strength characteristics. Available with hole for pinlock.
CC-30 Our black ceramic grade for cutting high hardness metals with Rc 55 and above, chilled cast iron and powdered metals. This insert has replaced some grinding operations in hardened steel (Rc 60-62). Available with hole for pinlock.

Silicon Nitride Grades

CC-510 A high speed, low cost silicon nitride grade with excellent wear resistance.
CC-513 Our toughest silicon nitride grade. Great for high-speed iron cutting with very heavy interruptions in milling, turning, boring facing.
CC-514 Our medium silicon nitride grade. Great for general purpose machining of irons.
CC-515 Our silicon nitride grade for all irons, especially ductile and nodular irons. An extremely hard, wear-resistant silicon nitride for roughing and finishing at elevated speeds. Works in continuous and interrupted cuts.
CC-516 Our best overall grade with very good wear resistance & excellent shock resistance. Excellent for hard materials & interrupted cuts at high speeds.
CC-5477 Our silicon nitride grade for cutting exotic aerospace metals such as Inconel, Waspaloy, Hastelloy, Renee, etc. For roughing and finishing. A cost-effective alternative to the “whiskered” ceramic.

Coated Carbide Grades

R-100-SC Thick CVD (TiCN with Al2O3) + SC coating. Ideal for finishing steel, cast steel, and stainless steel at high speeds in dry machining. Excellent wear resistance. Can also be used in abrasive irons like ductile iron.
R-200-SC Thick CVD (TiCN with Al2O3) + SC coating. This is the grade with the widest application area. Great for finishing, semi-finishing, and light roughing of steel, cast steel, stainless steel, and abrasive irons.
R-300-SC Thin PVD (AlTiN) + SC coating and ultra-fine carbide substrate. Great for finishing to semi-finishing of stainless steels, heat resistant alloys, hi-temp alloys and titanium alloys. Good for milling of stainless steel.
R-400-SC Thick CVD (TiCN with AL2O3) + SC coating on top of a very hard substrate to produce the best balance between wear and flanking resistance when machining irons, especially nodular, at high speeds.
R-500-SC TiAlN + SC coating over an ultra-fine carbide substrate of high strength and toughness. Suitable for milling and boring all kinds of materials, as well as rough turning of high-temperature alloys.
R-600-SC Uncoated, high-polish carbide grade with fine size grain. Good for fine and semi-finish machining of cast iron and nonferrous metal, particularly of Aluminum.

Whisker Ceramic Grade

CC-60 A ceramic whisker material comparable to Greenleaf’s WG-300. Excellent for rough and finish machining of aerospace metals (Inconel, Titanium, Udumet, Hastelloy, etc..), some stainless steels, hardened steels and nodular and chilled irons.